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Firworks and Freedom

As we approached Sierra Vista, the mountains just south of the town appeared to be steaming. A fire was being extinguished and the entire town was shrouded in its smoke. We were greeted by a family of friends whose hospitality … Continue reading

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Arizona is a Strange Place

We had a wonderful time staying with my aunt and uncle and their three dogs. The male of the bunch was quite a yapper. He barked at me even after we had been with them two days. Oh, but whenever … Continue reading

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Healing Has a Sound

As we passed through Blythe, my son began excitedly asking me what the border between California and Arizona looks like on route 10. Although I have passed this way before, I have no idea. Apparently the detail never mattered. This … Continue reading

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Letter from an Exile

Dear State of California, I am writing today because my therapist tells me that it would be a good exercise to get some things off my chest. I know our versions of our breakup are different. You are telling your … Continue reading

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